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27 December 2010


Office asked me to deliver a gift in Antipolo. Asked Andrew to come with me. Hehe, we ended up having a field trip in Antipolo. We are so spontaneous and impulsive. Haha. We went to Hinulugang Taktak. Too bad the place stinks. Sayang ang falls. And there were soap suds all over the place. Boo. Oh well, at least P8.00 lang ang entrance. Hehe. We also checked out the Antipolo cathedral. Bought some pasalubongs too. Naloko pa kami. May P50-difference yung kasoy sa highway at kasoy sa pasalubong center. Sus. Had lunch at TOSH/Grilla along Sumulong Highway. La nga lang masyadong view, unless counted yung paradahan ng bus. Hehe. I hope I'll get more of these delivery assignments. Haha.

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