Look It Up!

25 July 2015


My heart is full of love for the current ates we have here at home. I can feel that they love Rafael as their own.

We had dinner after mass earlier. When the ates and Rafael were done eating, they went around the mall while Rhuel and I had our well-deserved peaceful and relaxing dinner. When we were done eating, we looked for Rafael and the ates. We found them in Timezone, a place I've been wanting to show Rafael but have been delaying it, knowing that he will most probably love it. And true enough, he made a bit of a scene when I had to yank him off the ride.

The ates reported that Rafael was just seated on one of the animals that needs a token to keep it moving. A mom wanted her kid to use the ride but the ates were competitive and they knew that the little boy was loving the ride. So they spent at least P10 of their own money to buy a token so Rafael can continue using the ride. They told the other mom, "Ay, bibili din kami ng token. Gagamit din kami."

The ates refused to accept my offer of reimbursement for what they spent. It may not cost much but it meant the world to me knowing that they're willing to do what it takes to make the little boy happy. I really hope and pray that they are finally the ates for us. I'm so tired of training and dealing with ungrateful and disrespectful people. With the current ates, I'm confident that the little boy is in good hands. The quality of their work may not be perfect but they more than make up for it with the love and care they shower our family. I will be eternally grateful because God sent them our way.