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27 December 2010

Morong and Tanay

I love, love road trips. :)
Rizal has beautiful churches. We only saw the churches in Morong and Tanay. I'm sure the other towns have nice churches too.

We reached Morong by accident. Hihi. Took a wrong turn which turned out to be a blessing.

Went back to Tanay after 2 years. Mmm, it's not as lovely as it used to be. The place seems congested.

Ate at Kainan sa Tabing Lawa again. I'm glad Andrew loved it. The restaurant had to relocate after Ondoy but now it's back in its old location. We had spicy buttered shrimp with garlic, liempo, and lechon kawali and fresh buko juice. Hay, the life!

I returned to Daranak and Batlag falls after almost 18 years. We went there on a field trip when I was in grade 5. The place still looks okay. It's not as bad as Hinulugang Taktak. Hehe. I hope they'll maintain it and keep it clean though. And the road going there was not so nice. Poor tricycle. Thank God we didn't bring the car. Hihi.

On our way home, we decided to take a different route. We usually take the Antipolo way but we chose a different route this time. From the Tanay town proper, you go straight ahead to Sampaloc, a Tanay barangay, instead of turning right going to Antipolo. Go straight ahead until you reach this large intersection. There's a sign there so you won't miss it. Turn right if you want to go to Quezon, turn left if you're going to Marikina. Welcome to the Tanay-Infanta Road. It's interesting because it's actually Marcos Highway, meaning, if you take Marcos Highway and you just keep on going straight, you can actually reach Quezon. Coolness. The road's wonderful. The view's breathtaking because the bald mountains were not that obvious. We got lost somewhere because we didn't heed the warning that some bridge has collapsed and we had to take an alternate route. We ended up somewhere in Antipolo. Super sikip and dirt roads. We even passed by the famous Inuman Elementary School. We finally found our way and we ended up in Cogeo and then we finally reached Masinag. Coolness talaga.

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