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07 April 2012

Visita Iglesia 2012

We had conscientious visitors for the 2012 Holy Week break. Conscientious because they brought their own supplies and they fed us. Hehe. My family visited us for 4 days and 3 nights for some bonding and relaxation.

It started with my birthday on April 4. We had dinner at Conti's in Solenad.

Thursday, April 5 was spent at home. In the afternoon, we went to church for the Maundy Thursday services. "Last supper" was at Yellow Cab in Solenad.

Friday, April 6 was home time for the boys (Tatay, Rhuel and Toto). Us girls, Angel, Daphne and Cher, er, Nanay, Barney and I had visita iglesia. It's a Catholic tradition of visiting 7 churches after the Maundy Thursday services and before the Good Friday activities.

I was the designated driver and we left Sta. Rosa at around 9:30 a.m. for our Tagaytay road trip/visita iglesia. Traffic was tolerable on our way to our first church.

It was surprising to note that the restaurant areas were full of people too. I guess people are not as traditional on Good Fridays the way they were when I was younger. Back then, there was no cable TV so there was nothing to watch. My siblings and I had to stay at home bored all day. We couldn't eat much because we were supposed to fast. We couldn't sing or play either because Jesus was "dead." Nowadays, commercial establishments are open even on Good Friday. Even the grocery near us was open. Oh well, things change.

The churches were not that full, save for the first church we visited. However, I suspect that majority of the people were there for the view and not for the sacrifice/prayer. But it's Holy Week so I will stop being judgmental.

But wait, allow me one complaint. Church #2 had 3 huge crosses, presumably for the Good Friday services. Some people had their pictures taken in front of the crosses where they posed as if they were being crucified (while smiling, of course). Don't get me wrong. I'm not overly religious. But I think that was just tasteless.

So here goes...Forgive the pictures, they're raw and unedited. I even had to steal one picture (I'll acknowledge the source, of course) because we left the camera in the car when we visited Church #3. I took pictures of the roof but I guess that's not acceptable so I had to borrow a picture. =)

Church #1 : Transfiguration Chapel, Calaruega in Batangas

Rough roads going there. Super crowded. We parked too far from the entrance. Only the parking gate was open. They only open the chapel gate when there are weddings so we had to hike going to the chapel.

Church #2 : Chapel on the Hill in Batangas

This is near Calaruega. This church is interesting because it does not have permanent pews. I think the stools are only placed in the church when there are activities.

Church #3 : Lourdes Church in Tagaytay

This is the part where I left the camera in the car. We only realized that we were not able to take pictures of the church when we were back in the highway. I tried to take pictures of the roof. Harhar. I loved how simple but elegant the church looked.  The chandeliers were really nice. Stations of the Cross were placed in the basement to protect the visitors from the sun.

 The Roof

Taken from http://lourdeschurchtagaytay.wordpress.com/lourdes-church-photos/

Church #4 : Franciscan Missionary Chapel, Tagaytay

This church is also run by the Franciscans, similar to the Lourdes Church. But it's smaller. It's cute. Very few people were there so I guess we had a more solemn prayer time there.

Church #5 : Perpetual Help Church in Laguna Bel-Air, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Rhuel and I visited this church last year. The architecture's interesting.

The next 2 churches are the ones where Rhuel and I hear mass on a regular basis so no explanations needed.

Church #6 : Don Bosco Church, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Church #7 : St. Benedict's Church, Silang, Cavite

We got home at around 2:30 p.m. We had a quick lunch then we left for St. Benedict's Church to attend the Good Friday services.

My family left this morning. :( Rhuel and I might skip the Easter Vigil tonight because the service tends to be lengthy. We'll just hear mass tomorrow.

Hope you all had a meaningful Holy Week. Advanced Happy Easter everyone! =)

Trina =)