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17 September 2012

Of Vans and Good Food - Our Samar Experience Day 2


We had salukara, my super favorite local hotcake, for breakfast. It's actually better than hotcake because its thickness and consistency are not nakakasawa.

After breakfast, we headed to Daddy Lolo's house to pick up Nanay (she slept there) and to say our goodbyes. We went around Sulat to visit some places we used to frequent as kids.

The Municipal Hall near the plaza where many love stories are made

The Church

Luyang Beach

Sulat Elementary School (more popularly known as Cogon)

At around 10 a.m., it was time to go back to Kalaniyugan because Uncle Dong-Dong (Tatay's younger brother who's a priest) was already waiting for us. We were hitching a ride with him to Borongan. After saying goodbye and thanking our hosts, it was time to ride another van (well, not really, Mitsubishi Adventure actually).

Borongan City, Eastern Samar

After about an hour of traveling, we arrived in Borongan, Tatay's hometown. We went straight to the ancestral home of Tatay's family where a yummy lunch was waiting for us (with crabs again, of course). I love staying there because it brings back so many happy childhood and teenage memories. :)

Everyone was busy and the mood was very festive because the fiesta was just a few days away. Tatay and Auntie Madge (Tatay's sister-in-law) were out with their batchmates. Their batch was the honoree batch for their school's alumni homecoming since they were the golden jubilarians.

After lunch, Rhuel and I went to Auntie Amy and Uncle Pepio's (Tatay's brother) house. It was nice to see some of my cousins there because normally, only Uncle and Auntie are left in the house with most of their kids working in Manila and Dubai. They tried to serve us lunch (again!). We politely declined but had dessert instead. We loved Auntie's fruit salad and Rhuel couldn't stop eating the mazapan de pili.

Nanay and the gang followed us at Auntie Amy's house and we decided to go relative house hopping. First stop was at Lola Sayong's (my paternal grandma's sister). She's 90 and has poor eyesight. She mostly stays in bed but she can still get up. She can still recognize us through our voices.

Next, we visited the Quadrangle where some aunties and another lola, Lola Asyon (my paternal grandma's sister-in-law), were staying.

After the introductions, we proceeded to the house of Auntie Marijo and Uncle Lionel. I have not visited their place in a long time so I didn't know that they had a very nice garden in their backyard. They even had a little pond.

Afterwards, we decided to drop by Buddy's Place, a pretty popular fastfood place near Tatay's house. We wanted to grab some dessert. It was also some sort of treat for my youngest cousins on both sides of the family, Mau-Mau on Nanay's side and Dang-Dang on Tatay's side. Almost everyone had halo-halo while Rhuel and I chose to order ube and capuccino shakes. The shakes were actually good and they were not expensive. Good deal. :)

Rhuel was so excited to get a freebie because he tricked the sales girl into rounding off our bill to make it appear that we ordered Php500 worth of food. Actual bill was only around Php485. Unfortunately for him, the freebie had to be claimed in another place and nobody wanted to accompany him (yey, hehe). I think he still has the claim stub today. Baka daw makabalik pa siya. :D

After dessert, we went to the house of Tatay's bestfriend, Tatay Dondoy. Said hello to some titos and titas there. We met a 30-something cousin from the States who's looking for a girlfriend. Must check out my friends to see if anyone of them will do, hehe.

Then it was time to head back to Tatay's house. We bonded with some cousins and nieces and nephews while waiting for dinner to be served. Yep, we must have gained several pounds after this trip because we did nothing but eat! It was our first time to see our new nephew, Top, who is so adorable. His elder sister, Erienne, was scared we'll take his baby brother away, hehe.

After dinner, it was time to go to our sleeping place, Virech Pension House. It's owned by Tatay Dondoy. He was so generous for allowing us to stay there for free. It was just unfortunate that some of the guests were so noisy which made it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

We were supposed to watch Tatay's alumni homecoming because he was part of the rigodon and he was going to play the guitar for their batch's song number. But I was just too tired (and smelly). So we decided to skip the event. Even Nanay was unable to attend.

We opted to rest and prepare for the bispera.

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  1. hi where is this Virech Pension house located in Sulat?we are currently looking a place to stay?