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18 September 2012

Of Vans and Good Food - Our Samar Experience Day 7


Catbalogan City, Western Samar

I bet you're waiting for me to say that breakfast was a feast, and yep, indeed, it was a feast again. We had yummy longanissa, danggit, eggs and bread. I don't know how they finish everything.

After breakfast, Tita Piding had a tricycle bring us to the Grand Tours terminal where we will take our van to Calbayog.

Toto's right, Grand Tours is organized. Their terminals are conducive and comfortable for waiting, unlike Duptours. It's air-conditioned and they have comfortable couches.

Calbayog City, Western Samar

Our van left Catbalogan at around 8:30 a.m. Fare was Php100 each. In about an hour, we were already in Calbayog. The roads were nice but there were a lot of sharp curves.

Unfortunately, it was raining when we got to Calbayog. We hailed a pedicab and we asked him to bring us to the big church in the city. The church was huge but there was an on-going funeral mass so Rhuel could not take pictures. It was raining anyway so we decided to wait for the mass to be over.

After finally taking pictures of the church, we checked out the city hall which looked way better than the one in Catbalogan.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the college seminary where some uncles and cousins studied Philosophy. We took a trike but it could not go up the seminary because the road was steep. He dropped us off in a waiting shed. But because it was raining hard, we were stranded in the shed. Boo.

When the weather finally improved, we trekked up the seminary. There were 2 gates there so we took the one on the left. It was called the Nazareth Formation Center/House. I don't know if it's affiliated with the seminary, all I know is that that's not the name of the seminary. So after taking pictures of the chapel, we decided to leave.

Fortunately for us, we checked out the other gate because that was the correct seminary, the San Vicente de Paul Seminary.

There was no one there. Well, there were 2 students in the study hall and there were classes in one classroom. But the place was practically deserted.

We took pictures of the chapel and the surroundings.

Then it was time for lunch. Rhuel read somewhere that I's Plant Hotel and Restaurant served good food. We saw it on our way to the seminary so we decided to have lunch there.

We ordered Yang Chow fried rice (a platter's good for 3-4 persons, but yes, we finished everything), lechon kawali and fried chicken. The fried rice and the lechon kawali were okay but the fried chicken was dry and bland. Oh well.

After lunch, we went back to the city proper.

We checked out their tiangges and ukays but we were not able to buy anything. We decided to kill time in Jollibee. Rhuel had pineapple juice while I ordered a coffee float.

Then we remembered that Tita Piding recommended Ping-Ping's tinapa in Calbayog. So a few minutes before our trip back to Catbalogan, we went looking for Ping-Ping's. Turns out it was not in the city proper. The market sells Ping-Ping's but only late in the afternoon. We had to go to their house. It's a few minutes away from the city proper. 5 pieces of tinapa cost Php100. Keri na rin. Then we saw some kesong puti which Jomari requested. We got 2 containers of kesong puti, one for Mama and one for Jomari at Php125 each.

At around 4 p.m., it was time to go back to Catbalogan.

Catbalogan City, Western Samar

We got to Catbalogan at around 5:30 p.m. We decided not to have dinner at Tita Piding's kasi nakakahiya naman. We opted to try out another local restaurant which was again near the city hall. The name of the restaurant was Cafe Rosario by Charito's Delights. Charito's is a popular manufacturer of local delicacies.

We ordered set meals which were reasonably priced at Php95 each (I think). Rhuel had spaghetti bolognese with 1 slice of Hawaiian pizza. He also ordered grape lemonade for his drinks. I had baked macaroni, 1 slice of pizza and lemonade. The food was good. Sayang nga eh, I found out belatedly that they also serve baked spaghetti. Mas okay siguro yun. As a bonus, Cafe Rosario had very fast wifi too. :)

When we got to Tita Piding's, it was time to rest.

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