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02 September 2013


Jackie in front of Papa and Mama's chair. She loves lying down there because whoever's sitting on the chair is assigned to stroke her hair. 

Jackie and her favorite frenemy, Joey the beagle. 

Jackie working the camera :) 

My favorite bonding time with Jackie.

Jackie's favorite hobby - sleeping! 

Jackie was the labrador golden retriever pet of my husband's family. I used to be scared of dogs, especially big ones, but Jackie changed everything for me. 

I first met Jackie in December 2008. My husband and I were not yet married at that time. I attended my in-laws' joint birthday party and it was my first exposure to Jackie. We did not really interact that much then because the party was held in another house. Admittedly, I was scared of her. 

On January 8, 2009, my husband's birthday, I had dinner at their house. This time, my exposure to Jackie was longer. After dinner, my husband and I lounged around in their living room and Jackie made sure her presence was felt. Nagseselos siguro. She made sure there was room for her between me and my husband. I had to stroke her beautiful golden hair and whenever I stopped, she would call my attention with her paws. :) 

Since then, I've fallen in love with Jackie. She was very sweet, nice, well-behaved, and endearing. Quite different from the noisy and playful Joey the beagle, the family's other pet. After my husband and I got married, I had more opportunities to bond with Jackie. I loved stroking her hair and even talking to her when we were given alone time together. When I get shy to join the conversations with other members of my husband's family, Jackie would be my go-to girl. She would always be there for me - to keep me company, to listen to me, and to just be there for me. 

On August 6, 2013, we received an SMS from my brother-in-law informing us that Jackie was brought to the vet the night before. She was weak and they suspected either some sort of infection or ovarian or spleen cancer. If it were cancer, then it was not curable. My husband got more information and he was told that Jackie would undergo ultrasound in the afternoon to determine her real illness. There was hope because after all, it could just be an infection. 

While I was walking home that day, I was checking my Facebook account and I saw my brother-in-law's post giving homage to Jackie for serving the family well. Shortly thereafter, I received an SMS from a niece asking if my husband already heard the news. I sent an SMS to my husband right away and he confirmed that Jackie was gone. I tried so hard to hold back the tears the rest of the way home. I only let them drop when I got home and hugged my husband. 

Jackie was 8 years old; yep quite old for a dog but we still wanted more time with her. Jack, I know you're having fun in doggie heaven. I hope someone up there always strokes your hair and plays with you and lavishes you with a lot of love and affection. Sorry I could not say goodbye in person. But I guess it's better that way. It would have been tougher to see you go if we were there. Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of dogs. No, scrap that. Thank you for teaching me to love dogs (basta kasing bait at gentle at sweet mo lang ha). Thank you for being a real and good friend to me. Visits to BF will never be the same without you. 

We will definitely miss you. I will miss stroking your hair, taking photos of you, watching you and Joey fight, 

feeding you pan de sal and ice cream popsicles,

playing with you, 

forcing you to run, 

watching you waddle, watching you compete for food with Joey, watching you happily take a bath, 

seeing you with flowers on your hair after your garden playtime, 

trying to pacify you when you ride the car, 

watching my husband laugh whenever you start licking him, etc. 

We love you. Don't worry, we'll take good care of Joey. :)  

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