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27 December 2010

Boracay 2009

It's difficult to go back to reality after spending four beautiful summer-y days with a wonderful travel buddy. *sigh*

Day 1, Thursday, April 9, 2009
Surprisingly, the airport was not that crowded. I guess it was a good thing that Cebu Pacific already moved to Terminal 3.

But our flight was delayed, not once, not twice, but thrice. Hmpf. The pre-departure area monitor said our flight was leaving at 10 am. Wrong! According to our ticket, we were leaving at 9:40. Sus. Then they announced that the flight was going to be delayed and it will leave at 10:40. Mmm, pwede na. But 10:40 came and we did not leave. They announced that we were leaving at 11:05. Sige, pwede na rin. Aba, 11:15 na we were still on our seats. So Andrew and I asked the counter people, 11:40 daw. And they announced na daw. But we swear, walang announcement. And they didn't change the monitor schedule either. Sus. Oh by the way, Zest Air yung airline. I guess all flights were delayed that day dahil siguro sa dami ng bumibiyahe. And sabi nga ni Toto, you get what you pay for. Hihi.

We finally boarded the plane at around 12 noon. But we couldn't take off right away. May trapik ata sa runway. Sus. 

We arrived in Caticlan past 1 na siguro. Got our bags. Paid the stuff that needed to be paid (environmental fee, tricycle fee, boat fee). Rode the tricycle to the port. Boarded the boat. 

Boracay at last. We shared the tricycle with some other people. The manong dropped us off in Crafts. We didn't know where to go. Hehe. Alangan naman magpaikot-ikot kami sa D'Mall diba? So we called Villa Lourdes and they had someone pick us up. Checked in. Left our bags in the room. 

Lunch time! We were so hungry. Lalo na si Andrew who didn't eat breakfast. So we ate at the first decent-looking restaurant we saw. Big Mama's ang name. I craved for pork. So I had liempo. I think Andrew had pork chops. Pwede na rin. It was not that expensive and it tasted okay. Or baka gutom lang kami? Hehe.

Swimming time after eating. 

Then it was time to buy some shake from Jonah's. Avocado shake day. Yummy! Good thing we bought this because they no longer had avocados the following days. 

Then time na to go to church. Hehe, I assumed that the mass was going to start at 5 just like all the churches here in Manila. So we went to the church at 5. Hehe, 4 pala ang services nila dun. So consecration na ata when we got there. 

Went back to Villa Lourdes after the mass. Ligo na finally. Rest ng konti. 

Dinner time! Hehe, I'm sorry but I ate too much during this vacation. I drank all the cold stuff which I try to avoid here at home. So pasensya na if I'll be talking about food most of the time. Hehe.

Dinner was at Aria. Sabi ni Andrew it's famous for its pizza. And well, we were not disappointed. :) We ordered a pasta (can't remember the name basta cream ang sauce) and a quattro formaggio pizza. Bochog to the max. We finished everything. Haha. Added attraction: fire dancers. Galing. If only the guys were really guys. Hehe. 

Meme time na after the bochog dinner. No time to party. Haha.

Celebrity sightings: Michelle and Era Madrigal, Avi Siwa, that Brazilian girl na pinalit ni Cesar kay Sunshine, Hale people, Ginger Conejero (?)

Day 2, Friday, April 10, 2009
Slept early the previous night. Woke up late pa rin. Hehe. Bumabawi. Got up at around 10:30 na siguro. So naturally, no more time to eat breakfast. Alangan na eh. Hehe.

We swam while there were still few people on the beach. Exag kasi ang dami ng tao pag di na mainit. Hoi polloi as per Andrew. Hehe. 

Finally had lunch after swimming. Gutom as usual. Pero Good Friday naman so sige, mag-fast na lang ng konti. :) We had lunch at Hawaiian Barbecue. We tried other food this time. Di na yung super daming baby back ribs. Hehe. I ordered the squid platter (with rice, corn, and coleslaw). Andrew had barbecue. Masarap. Not that expensive din. We had buko. Better sana kung malamig. Hehe.

Then we went back to Villa Lourdes to take a bath. Rest ng sandali tapos time to go to church.

After the mass, Jonah's time ulit. We decided to try the non-fruity shakes. I had mocha and Andrew had chocolate. Sarap pa din. And this time we decided to add hotdogs. Hehe. Sarap umupo sa harap ng Jonah's. Manood ng beautiful people as Andrew calls them. *sigh*

Time to go back to Villa Lourdes to take another shower. Pahinga ulit ng konti.

Dinner time again. Hehe. This time we tried walking to Station 3. Para naman maiba lang. We couldn't pick a restaurant. Ang aarte. Hehe. 

We ended up at Nigi Nigi. And I'm glad we decided to eat there. Daming serving and masarap na food. I had the small seafood platter. May big fish, hipon and squid. Yummy. Andrew had this super giant burger. Sulit talaga. Okay lang ang price kasi busog ka naman talaga. Hehe.

And shempre what to do after a bochog meal? Meme time. Hehe.

Celebrity sightings: Bong Revilla, Weng-weng (Bong Revilla's son-in-law), Loudette (Bong's daughter), Model ng PLDT DSL

Day 3, Saturday, April 11, 2009
Island hopping day. Haha. We woke up relatively earlier than usual. Mga 9 siguro. We decided to join an island hopping trip. You pay P820 per person inclusive na of boat ride, snorkeling gears, lunch and entrance fees. Hehe, waste of time ata. The boat would stop at some parts of the sea so that people can snorkel. Ayun, awa ng Diyos, kasama kami ni Andrew sa mangilan-ngilang di bumaba sa dagat. Haha. Too deep, current too strong and we were too scared. Haha. 

We went to Crystal Cove. It's an island owned by some person who developed it. Not bad naman. Nice siya for picture-picture. Although I would have to apologize to Andrew because we were not able to maximize the visit to this island. Minadali ko kasi siya dahil di ko na nakikita yung iba naming kasama. Baka iwan kami. Tsktsk, my bad. 

Then we went to the Tambisaan Beach for lunch. Again, not that swimmable ang beach na 'to. Lunch was okay. Inihaw stuff. Not as cowboy as the people in Apo Island. Haha. But there were some nice spots in the beach. Nice kasi good for picture taking. Sabi nga ni Andrew para daw Batanes.

The boat was still going to 2 more spots, Crocodile Island ata and Pucca Beach. Naku, di na kami sumama. Some people got off at Station 1 at sumama na kami. Hehe. Corny. We were not enjoying anyway. (Read: nahihiya na kami kasi ang bagal naming bumaba at umakyat sa bangka dahil madulas. Haha!) And ang daya ha, di naman island yung ibang pinuntahan. Kaya naman i-tricycle yun noh. Tsktsk. Hehe. 

We were hungry after the not-so-happy island hopping. We decided to have our merienda. We saw this place in D'Mall. Big Mouth ang name. Ang tagline, come hungry leave happy. We decided to buy some halo-halo. Hay naku, ang dapat nilang tagline, come hungry, leave angry. Ang onti kaya ng sahog nila. Puro yelo't gatas lang. Hmpf. And P99 each ha. Sus.

People watching muna then time for Jonah's again. Haha. Adik. Andrew had Tropical shake. Ako, coffee naman. Hehe. Plus hotdog shempre. :) 

Time to go back to Villa Lourdes to take a bath. We decided to have a late dinner. Mass muna ng 9. Thank God di ganun kahaba ang misa. Hehe. And thanks to the barangay hall for lending us the bangko. Hehe. :)

Dinner was at Ele's. May kabagalan ang service. We thought mejo expensive but when we got the food, sulit naman pala kasi big ang serving. I had chicken barbecue and Andrew had pork chops ba? Hehe.

Dami ng tao. Party everywhere. And we old folks had no energy for the parties. Ang ingay. Hehe. 

So off to sleep na.

Celebrity sightings: Andrew Wolfe haha!

Day 4, Sunday, April 12, 2009 :(
Woke up quite early. And we finally had time to eat breakfast. Our first since we arrived. Hehe. I don't know the name of the restaurant. Basta sa beach front siya. And medyo funny sila mag-serve. Both of us (Andrew & I) ordered bacon. Aba, pagsamahin ba sa isang plate ang order namin. Either we were too sweet and lovey-dovey or nagtitipid sila. Hehe. Price was okay. Bochog na rin naman.

One last tambay at the beach. Andrew took some more pictures. *sigh* Then it was time to go back to Villa Lourdes to take a bath, pack and check out. :(

 Lunch was at Red Coconut. Had pesto pasta and meatlovers pizza. Sarap ulit. Sulit. Nice place pa. We checked the room rates. Mahal nga lang. Hehe.

Then it was time to say bye-bye to Boracay. Hay. :(

Boarded the boat. Off to Caticlan. Tricycle to the airport. Then the long wait for our flight began. We stayed at the Zest lounge. Sana aircon diba kasi may kainitan. Hehe.

After one big can of chichirya and one pinipig crunch, boarding time na finally. Our flight was delayed for an hour. Sus. 

We arrived in Manila at around 7 p.m. Then, bye-bye time na. :( 

Zest Air: delayed flight, sikip plane, lousy and scary landings, at least they give you free Zesto during the flight.

Villa Lourdes: over-all okay naman. Cheap rates na sulit naman. Presko naman even if walang aircon. Medyo ugly CR pero kayang tiisin.

Bora itself: daming tao. But it's still nice. Lovely pa din ang tubig and sand.

Andrew: wonderful pictures. Wonderful and best travel companion ever. He can stand my inartes. Napapalampas niya ang petty fights. Just as scared as I am pag dating sa mga risky stuff. Haha. He attended all the services in the church (na super haba ng seremonyas!) with me. Basta, ang saya. :)

Now back to the real world...

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