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27 December 2010

Wonderful Weekend/Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga

February 13, 2009

I’m tired and sleep-deprived. But who cares? I had a great Valentine weekend. So dibale ng bangag ako the entire week, masaya naman ako. Hehe. Friday nagsimula ang lahat...

Last minute office meeting regarding the outing. Hmpf.

Walkathon to the other side of Makati. *hingal*

Unnecessary shuttle stopovers at Pan de Manila and Goto Magic. Haha.

Rush, rush paligo.

Traffic acad oval due to the UP Fair.

Finding and communicating with Andrew in Vinzon’s despite our almost low batt phones.

Dinner at Red Kimono at they Ayala Techno Hub.

Seeing celebrities at the Techno Hub CR – Liezel of PDA and Quimson of the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Got a beautiful red top and a nice brown bag for Valentine’s. Yeyness. Who needs flowers when you can get more useful and lasting things? Hihi.

Coffee Bean at the Techno Hub. Slight chikahan with Abel, an OLA teammate.

Off to Clark at around 1 in the morning.

Tambay at a Shell station along NLEX. Watching people headed to Clark for the Hot Air Balloon festival.

Really off to Clark this time. Around 3:10 am.

Arrived at Clark. Tambay at the PTT gas station. Mga 4 am.

Called Chino, Andrew’s pamangkin. Ay mali, woke him up pala. Haha. Mga 4:45 am.

Picked up Chino from his dorm.

Went to Chino’s school. Tambay. Ikot-ikot. Checked out the runway near the talahiban.

Hot air balloons start flying. The balloons were not that beautiful. Si Tigger lang ang cute. Hmpf. 

Picture-taking sa mga airplane. Coolness. I wanted to be a pilot. Na-fulfill na rin kahit pano. Haha.

Left the flying school.

Breakfast at McDo. Finally had Sausage McMuffin after 10 years. Tila baga nagbabadya. Huhu.

Bye-bye to Chino. Hello to Charlie’s Appartelle.

Work, work, work for Andrew’s workshop. Power naps in between. Cheese Pesto pan de sal for lunch.

Finally slept at around 5 pm. 9 na ko nagising. Haha.

Yummy dinner at Salvatorre. Nice place, good food, reasonable price, no appetite though. Sayang.

Witnessed life in Angeles City. Sad with what I saw. Lots of foreigners. Lots of prostitutes. Even the dress shops there sell super duper skimpy clothes meant for you-know-who. Tsktsk. Terrible traffic pa. Hohum.

Back to work. Slept at around 5 am. Woke up at around 8:30. Bath.

Bye-bye to Charlie’s. Off to Manila.

Drive back to Manila with a noisy car. Hmpf.

Wanted to have lunch at Pen-Pen in Morato (owned by Pen and Ping Medina). Couldn’t find it, so we decided to eat at Heaven N’ Eggs instead. Buwelta kami at swerte, sa may Pen-Pen kami nagbuwelta. Hihi.

Entered a pet shop to look for a shirt for Jackie. Ayaw Andrew baka maliit daw. Entered a book shop. Mahal paninda.

Lunch at Pen-Pen. Yummy molo soup, liempo and mini cordon bleu. Or gutom lang kami? Haha.

Bye-bye to Andrew. Called a cab. Cab hit my park light. Hihi.

Whew. Napagod ba kayo? Hehe. Basta, fun, fun, fun. I love weekend getaways with Andrew. Kasi laging special.

Now wish me luck as I face the week ahead. Hihi. Hope everyone had a happy valentine’s day regardless of status. 

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