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27 December 2010


Yey, another field trip for us. Thanks to Jacq for promoting the place. Hehe.

It was nice to be back on the island which I visited 21 years ago. The place has improved.

The tour was educational. But they should have allotted more time for it. There were too many places to visit in such a short time. We did not have the chance to fully appreciate the different sites. 

Our tour guide was okay. He was a good speaker. He knew his history. But according to Andrew there were some erroneous details. But for an ignoramus like me, papasa na yun. Hehe.

The tranvia is really cool. Literally and figuratively. Hehe. Presko siya. And it gives the tourists an unobstructed view of the places.

Lunch was so-so. Buffet siya but you won't have time for second servings because they only give you 50 minutes to eat. So you better get as much as you can on your first round. And the pandan juice did not help. Lalo ka lang mauuhaw. Good thing the water's bottomless. Haha. The waiters were deceptive. They ask for orders of drinks without telling the customers that drinks are not part of the free lunch. One foreigner ordered coffee and when he was asked to pay for it afterwards, he told the waiter that he did not have money with him. Tsktsk, I don't know how they settled that. But the food was delicious. Or maybe we were just too hungry.

The Light and Sound show at the Malinta Tunnel was good. Gumamit nga lang ng What Matters Most as background music. Andrew thinks they should have used music from the 1940's para mas bagay. And some parts were overly dramatic according to Andrew. Meron pa kasing, "This might be your last dance." na lines yung nurse as she was dancing with an American soldier. Hihi. 

The hotel was okay. Malamig naman ang aircon. Medyo maliit ang CR and I broke the shower knob. Hehe. But the rooms did not have televisions. You can only watch TV in the lobby. Para siguro magbonding ang mga tao. Or nagtitipid sila. Hehe.

Hotel food was expensive. P190 na ata pinakamura. The carbonara was okay but I did not really appreciate it because it had too many onions. Blech. And most of the dishes on the menu were not available. The waiter was insisting that we order certain dishes. Theory ni Andrew madami silang ganung naluto kaya pipilitin nila yung customer na yun ang orderin. Hehe.

We signed up for the activity package (?) of the hotel. 3 activities for P150. It includes the sunset tour, hospital visit, lateral tunnels tour, sunrise tour and easy hike. Oooopppss, more than 3 yun ah. Hehe. Oh well, yun ang sabi nila eh. 

The sunset tour was ugly. It was not the sunset's fault though. Kasalanan nung guide. We left the hotel late. Wala tuloy kaming naabutan. Sayang. It didn't help that we had annoying companions. There were 2 guys with us. College age siguro who were either taking pictures or talking. Ang kukulit. They were asking questions just for the sake of asking questions. Hehe. Na-reject tuloy.

Boy 1 to Group of 3 Girls: Do you want me to take your pictures? I'll just send it to you sa friendster.

Girls: Ay wag na, masyadong high tech ang camera niyo. Sa cellphone na lang namin.

Boy 1: Wala kasing wifi sa hotel kaya di ko masesend agad.

Girls ignored him. Hehe. Epal to the highest level. Lovers ang tawag ni Andrew sa dalawa.

We also joined the hospital visit. Scary. We went inside and we even went up to the second floor. Ang init dun grabe. It was also the barracks of the Muslims who were part of the Jabidah massacre in 1968. Brr. Madilim na nun so scary talaga.

We did not join the other activities. We were too irritated with the boys. Ang kukulit. And we were too lazy to get up at 5:30 a.m. for the other activities. Hehe.

The following day was spent swimming. Sa pool lang ng hotel because we were afraid that the beach was dirty. We also explored the South Beach. It looked clean but we just admired it from afar. Hehe. According to the manong there the South Beach which is near Cavite is clean while the part facing Mariveles, Bataan is dirty. Eh feeling ko connected naman silang lahat so wag na lang.

The sea near Mariveles was dirty. It was so disappointing. A foreigner even picked up slippers and he was giving it to his friend kasi ka-size naman daw. Hehe. I wish they'd clean that up. Kaya pa naman eh.

Okay naman yung ferry trip. You won't feel the strong waves unlike the trips to and from Siquijor. Hehe. 

Mmm, it was disappointing to see that Corregidor seemed to highlight the heroism of the Americans. It was as if the Filipinos only took the supporting roles. Daya noh?

Over-all, it was another happy field trip. I had a good photographer and history teacher with me who also shares my passion for making fun of other people. You can never go wrong with that formula. ;-)

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