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27 December 2010

Day 5 - Dumaguete City and Back to Manila

Day 5 - October 5, 2008, Saturday

We woke up late. Well, not really. Tamad lang bumangon. Haha. So as usual, no breakfast for us.

We left Harold's at around 12 noon. Checkout time na rin kasi eh. They allowed us to leave our bags there so that we can take one last look of Dumaguete. Boohoo.

We went to Sans Rival for lunch and to pick up our orders. Hehe, dahil adik kami sa pasta, we ordered Spaghetti Puttanesca. Hay, masarap din. Hehe.

We didn't get our orders yet. We decided to take one last stroll at the boulevard. Adik si Andrew mag-picture eh. Hehe. 

After some time, we went back to Sans Rival for the pasalubongs. The sans rival and the sylvannas have to be placed in a freezer after 4 hours daw. Tsktsk, sana umabot.

We took the trike back to Harold's to pick up our bags. Then another trike to the airport. They charge pakyaw rates when you're going to the airport. Medyo malayo na kasi siya eh. Our trike driver charged P40.00. Yung iba daw P50.00 to P100.00. Tsktsk.

Ang aga namin sa airport. Pero dami na rin kami kasabay. Their predeparture area is similar to Tacloban's. Hehe. We watched Eat Bulaga while we waited for our flight to start boarding.

On time ang flight. Medyo may turbulence.

*sigh* So sad that the vacation had to end na. But happy rin because I had a great time. I went out of my comfort zone. I did things I have never done before. I was not my usual maarte/maangal self. I just absorbed and enjoyed everything. Mas masaya pala yung ganun. No plans, no expectations. Mas na-a-appreciate mo yung mga nangyayari. Basta, I had the time of my life there. 

I really love provinces. Mas simple at mas masaya ang buhay. And the trip ended perfectly...with a rainbow. *sigh*

P.S. I wish people would be more conscious about keeping these places clean. The tourist guides in Bais threw their leftovers in the sea. Our Korean boatmates threw their trash in the sea also. The boulevard in Dumaguete is also filled with garbage. Same goes for the pond in Apo Island. Sayang naman.

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