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27 December 2010

Day 2 - Siquijor

Day 2 - October 1, 2008, Wednesday

Siquijor Day

First stop was McDo for breakfast. I wanted to eat the Sausage McMuffin. Pero it brought back bad memories of the bar so I decided to have the big breakfast. Hehe.

We went back to the boulevard to check out Dumaguete Church and plaza.

We took the Delta Ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor. The earliest trip for that day was at 10:30 a.m. Sayang. They only have 6:30 a.m. trips on Mondays and Saturdays. According to Harold, some pumpboats leave early in the morning. But since we were not aware of that, we had no choice but to take the midmorning trip.

The ferry fare to Siquijor was discounted. P160 per person lang if I remember correctly. Regular fare is P200.00. The trip takes around 45 minutes. You are assigned seat numbers but people don't seem to follow that. Medyo magulo at unahan pa rin pagdating sa ferry. And medyo maingay kasi magkakakilala ata silang lahat.

We fell in love with Siquijor the moment we saw its waters. Ganda ng kulay. :-)

We made reservations for our return trip to Dumaguete so that we don't have to worry about it in the afternoon. Then we met our "friend" Romeo. Hehe. He's a tricycle driver who served as our tour guide. According to him, the rates at the Tourism Office are P1,500 for multicabs and P1,000 for tricycles which will bring you to the different tourist spots in the province. Jacq's Lonely Planet book said the habal-habals charge P500 naman. Good thing our charms worked. Nakatawad kami and naging P800 na lang. Hehe.

First stop was the St. Francis Church in Siquijor. It's very near the pier. Medyo luma pero medyo nirenovate na rin.

Then we went to a church in another town. I can't remember the town's name. Medyo di maganda yung church kasi binago na nila. Sayang. 

Afterwards we went to the nearby Spring Park. I'm not sure if I got the name correctly. Basta sa baba lang siya nung church. Maganda kasi may tulay-tulay. Pero wala yung tubig pag dating namin kasi nililinis daw.

 I love the province because it's quiet and lazy. Hehe. It's very different from Dumaguete. It actually reminds me of Sulat, Nanay's hometown. Chaka sabi ni Barn-barn. But I love it. :-)

Then we went to Coco Grove Resort. Sabi ni Romeo mahal daw dun. They charge P100 for the entrance fee. Consumable naman daw. But he gave us a tip. We can pretend to look for a room so that we can enter the place for free. Wais. Hehe. But because it was already lunch time, we decided to eat there. Smart decision. The resort's really nice. Private na private. Reasonable din ang prices ng food. And okay yung luto. Malinis din yung dagat. It was our first time to hit the beach. Yahoo. Too bad because we were not able to stay longer. We had to leave after an hour.

 Next stop was the 400-year old Balete Tree. Galing noh. Nabilang talaga nila. Hehe. Nothing special pero historical naman so okay na rin. Same lang ba siya ng rubber tree? I swear it looked like the old rubber tree in St. Scho. Hehe.

Then we went to Lazi. Nice church because it's really old and they were able to preserve much of it. 1880 something pa ata siya. The floor's really old. Galing.

 Final destination was the Cambugahay Falls. Winner talaga 'to. Pababa siya na 135 steps. Whew. Okay lang pababa eh. Di nga lang kami makapaglaro dun sa tubig kasi medyo malakas ang current. Sayang. Pero grabe, mamamatay-matay kami paakyat. Hehe. Hirap talaga maging fit. I was thinking about how sedentary my life has been in the past 6 months tapos bigla akong paakyatin ng ganun. Exercise talaga. Haha.

There were other places to visit. May Salagdoong pa and a mountain where you can see the entire province daw. Sayang because it was almost 4 and the ferry was scheduled to leave at 4:30. Pati si Romeo kinakabahan na kasi tingin na ng tingin sa cellphone niya. Hehe. So we had no choice but to go back to the pier. Tsktsk. Don't worry Siquijor, I shall return.

 There were fewer passengers in the ferry going back to Dumaguete. Mas tahimik na. But the sea was kinda rough. Pero mukhang normal na sa kanila yun eh.

Ligo-ligo when we got back to Dumaguete. We were craving for pasta for dinner so we asked for Harold's recommendation. Sabi namin mura lang. He pointed us to Neva's. Presyong estudyante daw para sa gaya namin. Bwahaha.

Neva's offers good pasta and pizza. Mura na masarap pa. Regular pizzas cost a little over P100 depending on the flavor. They use mozarella. They also have kuripot pizzas which are cheaper because they only use cheddar cheese. We ordered the margherita pizza. Yummy. Thin crust ang pizza nila. Their spaghetti costs P45.00. I had the seafood pasta. Sarap. Mga around P70 ata siya. It's not airconditioned pero presko naman. Most of the diners are students so you'll really feel young. Hehe. ;-)

After the bondat dinner, meme time na ulit.

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