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02 October 2011

Hong Kong, Day 2, The 360 View

My alarm didn't go off! I set my alarm to 7:00 a.m. because we expected Toto and Trish to arrive by 8:00 a.m. But my phone's batt was empty so it died and the alarm didn't work. I woke up at 8:30 a.m. Good thing they were not there yet.
Toto and Trish arrived at around 9 a.m. while I was taking a bath. They rested for a few minutes. When we were all ready, we headed out to explore. It was about past 10.
Originally, we were supposed to go around Causeway Bay on our first day and go to Disneyland on Monday. However, we had to change our plans because Disneyland closes earlier on weekdays.
We decided to skip breakfast because we were already running late. We took the MTR to Tung Chung.We used our Airport Express Tourist Pass/Octopus Card. The card's really cool. You pay HKD220.00 to get free MTR rides for 3 days plus 1 Airport Express ride. You also get discount vouchers for other popular tourist destinations. It already includes a HKD50.00 deposit which you can refund later on. My brother bought our cards online so he got a discount. We only paid HKD209.00 per person. He picked up the cards from the MTR station when they arrived. You have to present the credit card used to purchase the cards when you redeem them.

We were riding the cable car to the Ngong Ping Village and the terminal was at Tung Chung. The line was pretty long. We had to wait for about an hour before we could board the cable car. That's the problem when you go to the popular spots on weekends, much time is wasted lining up.

Round trip tickets cost HKD123.50 per person. There were glass bottom cable cars which I'm sure provided better view. We wanted to ride that but the waiting time was longer. It was more expensive anyway.

The cable car ride was great. It was kinda scary because it went up the mountains. But it provided us a great view.

It was lunchtime when we got to the Ngong Ping Village. We were hungry! We decided to grab some noodles. Para Chinese. We ended up at the Zen Noodle Cafe which turned out to be Japanese. Hehe. We ordered 3 noodles because the servings were really big. I loved the pork noodles. The duck breast noodles was also good. The chicken yakiudon was good too.

Afterwards, we went around the village.

There were a lot of souvenir shops. It was raining though. We had to buy 2 umbrellas which cost HKD20.00 each. Rhuel opted to buy a Chinese cap with braid to protect him from the rain. Hehe. Cute naman in fairness. =)

We walked to the big Buddha which is on Lantau Island. There was nothing much to see there actually. We didn't even go up to the big Buddha because it would have been too time consuming.
We were more excited to see Disneyland. Hehe. But you should go there too just to try the cable cars. =)

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