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02 October 2011

Hong Kong, Day 2, The Quest for Pooh

We decided to leave at around 3 p.m. We took the MTR to the Sunny Bay Station. Afterwards, we transferred to the Disney Resort train. The train was so cute - the handles, windows, etc. were shaped like Mickey Mouse's ears. The seats were cushioned. It was so comfy. =)

We bought our tickets at the ticketing office. Each ticket costs HKD399.00 but we only paid HKD364.00 each, thanks to our Airport Express discount voucher.

As in Ngong Ping, the lines were long. Rhuel and I didn't try the rides.

We just went around to feel the magic. Naks.

Even the lines to have pictures taken with the characters like Mickey and Donald Duck were long. So we opted for the stolen shots. Hehe.

It's too unfortunate that we didn't see the Winnie the Pooh mascot. But at least we had the chance to visit his house. Yey. Rhuel was nice enough to line up with me to wait for our turn to ride the mini train that will tour us around Pooh's place. I heart Pooh! I didn't get anything from his souvenir shop though. They were selling Pooh cookies but I cannot eat Pooh.

We also tried It's a Small World. Traumatic daw sabi ni Toto. Everytime he sees a doll, he expects it to sing It's a Small World. Hehe. But the Pinoy dolls were cute. =)

We also loved Mickey's Philharmagic Orchestra. They showed clips from Disney movies. Promise, kinilig ako nung Aladdin na. But they didn't show Lea's part. Hmpf.

I love Disney. I enjoyed eating the caramel and chocolate popcorns. Basta, I love theme parks. I love feeling like a child all over again. *sigh* The lights show at the castle and the fireworks were nice too. The fireworks were not that spectacular though. I'm pretty sure I've seen better. But the music made the fireworks magical. According to my brother, the fireworks were better than some of the entries to the pyrolympics.

By 9 p.m. we were hungry. We didn't want to leave yet because a lot of people were leaving. We might have a hard time riding the train. We decided to have dinner first at the Main Street Corner Cafe. Rhuel and I ordered the set menu. I had pork chop in tomato sauce. I can't remember what Rhuel ordered. The others ordered noodles again. We made the mistake of drinking their service water. It tasted funny and it upset my stomach. Tsk.
After dinner, it was time to head back to Yiu Fai to recharge.

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