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02 October 2011

Hong Kong, Day 4, Memories of Causeway and The Peak

Monday was exciting because we got to visit Causeway Bay again. Tatay's flat was in Causeway (Hong Kong Mansions on Yee Wo Street) so we had a lot of happy memories there. And Causeway's a popular shopping district so the girls were really looking forward to this day.

First stop was at the Hong Kong Mansions. We took a couple of pictures in front of the building so we can show them to Tatay. We're sure he'll have a nice time reminiscing.
Afterwards, it was time to eat breakfast. We decided to eat at McDonald's in Causeway. I ordered the Hotcake Deluxe - bondat grabe - 3 pieces of hotcake, one sausage, one hash brown, and coffee.
Shopping time after breakfast. First stop was at Ikea. Grabe, we love Ikea. Our eyes were popping while checking out their displays. Everything was nice. We wanted to buy everything. Hehe. And the prices were reasonable. I really wish they'll open a store here in the Philippines. It's better than Gourdo's, one of our favorite shops here. We ended up buying 11 picture frames (we don't know where to put all of them though, hehe.), a steel colander for our pastas (yey!), and a magnetic knife holder (we've been looking for one for the longest time). It was a very fulfilling shopping trip. =)
Next stop was Sogo. Sogo is heart too. There were a lot of nice shops there. High end nga lang. I was not able to get anything there. Rhuel finally got a Liverpool jersey. Yey.
It was time to leave Causeway. We decided to skip Stanley Market and Repulse Bay because we were running out of time. We were going straight to The Peak. We took the tram on our way to the Peak Tram station. We're glad that we were able to try all of their public transportation.

We got off one station ahead of the Peak Tram station. Hehe. We must have looked lost. Good thing a Pinoy was there. He told us to walk to the station. Blessing na rin because we were able to go inside the Pacific Place mall. I remember it as one of the nicer malls there.
We hiked to the Tram station. It was really exhausting especially because we have not eaten lunch yet. We had to buy drinks when we got to the station. We bought our tickets at around HKD220.00 per person. We were not able to use our Airport Express discount voucher because the ticket was already discounted. The ticket includes round trip Peak Tram rides, entrance to the Sky Terrace and Madame Tussaud's.
The line to the Tram was quite long. There were a number of tourists too even if it was a weekday. Some tourists tried to ride the Tram without lining up. Good thing we were near a really feisty Chinese guy who scolded these tourists and told them to go to the end of the line. 2 foreigners insisted that someone told them to go to the front of the line. Kapal. But they lined up behind our feisty Chinese friend. Hehe. I thanked the Chinese guy afterwards and we both agreed that the tourists were really unfair.
When we got to The Peak, Rhuel was antsy because he needed to charge his camera's battery. He forgot to bring his charger and we had to buy one earlier that day. It was a good deal actually because we got an allegedly quick charger with a car charger for roughly HKD200.00. He stayed in one spot to charge his batt.
Barney had to buy a pair of shorts from Adidas. Disaster. Hehe. Won't tell you the story, my sister might kill me. But she really looked like a jogger. Hahaha.
After running around doing our own stuff, we decided to eat lunch because we were really hungry. Lunch was at the Spaghetti 360. I ordered soup with puff pastry and spaghetti with tomato sauce. It was good. Or maybe I was really hungry? Rhuel had pork chop, I think. We were not able to take pictures of our orders (as in our previous meals) because we were always having late meals. We were too hungry to lift the camera. Hehe.
After lunch, it was time to go to Madame Tussaud's. It was okay. The wax figures were great. Rhuel had a nice time posing with the celebrities. Hehe. But I think Ripley's (which used to be there) was better. Ripley's had other attractions apart from the wax figures. Madame had nothing much to offer.

Afterwards, we headed to the Sky Terrace. The view there was really breathtaking especially when you witness the transition from day to night. It's lovely to see the buildings light up. *sigh* And the air there's really cool and fresh. Rhuel wishes we can have something like that in Antipolo or Tagaytay.

We stayed at the Terrace for around 30 minutes then it was time to leave. The line to the Tram was quite long again. And the tourists were more annoying this time. The tourist guide went in front of the line. We thought she was going to the Tram operator's room to inquire about something. Then her minions began arriving. They were old people who pushed their way around to get in front of the line. Nakakainis. My companions and I agreed that we can't allow these unfair people to get what they want. I suddenly missed our Chinese guy friend. Hehe. When it was boarding time, Toto and Trish were pushed back to the end of the line. Only Trish was able to sit down. Toto had to share Trish's seat. Tsk.

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