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02 October 2011

Hong Kong, Day 4, Lights and Mongkok

We got off at the Tram station and it was time to head to the ferry terminal. We took a double decker bus with an open second floor. It was really cool. =)
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At the terminal, we took the ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui. The ride was really short.

It was almost 8 p.m. when we got to Tsim Sha Tsui.
We got there just in time for the Symphony of Lights. It's a lights show where a number of the skyscrapers located in Central show off their lights. It's soooo cool. Unfortunately, Rhuel's camera batt died on us. We had to make do with my ugly phone cam.

Afterwards, we walked along the Avenue of Stars. This place used to be my favorite. But it seemed to have lost its magic. We didn't know any of the stars. Hehe. It was too crowded and there were several stores in the harbor. I used to dream of going back to Hong Kong with the one I love and the 2 of us will take a stroll in this area. I was back with the love of my life but it was not magical. I miss the old harbor.

It was dinnertime. We had to take a bus to our dinner place. However, we decided to drop off our stuff at Yiu Fai first because our bags were kinda heavy. We got to Yiu Fai first and Rhuel charged his batt while waiting for the others. We didn't know what was taking them so long. I asked the receptionist if they arrived already and he told me, "No." I think we didn't understand each other. They were there all along but Barney broke their key so it had to be replaced. Hehe.
It was quite late when we went out again. We didn't have the energy to look for Toto's recommended dinner place. We ended up at KFC. Good for me because I've been craving for their biscuits. My siblings were teasing me and Rhuel that our orders were for party for two. Ang dami. Hehe. Each of us ordered 2 pieces chicken, honey-flavored biscuit, and egg tart. Yum. The egg tart was better compared to the one in Macau. Would have loved to try the chocolate egg tart too. But it would have been a party for 3 already if we did that. Hehe. The biscuit was disappointing. I loved the unflavored biscuit before. The honey-flavored one was not that yummy.
After the heavy dinner, it was time to head to Mong Kok for night market shopping. We got there at around 10:30 p.m., I think. Unfortunately, a lot of shops were closing. Boo. We had to walk really fast to check out the shops. I ended up buying 3 Pooh sleeping clothes at 3 for HKD100.00. I also bought my pasalubongs for my officemates. Rhuel got us some more magnets. And that was it. It was too scary haggling with these vendors. You ask them the price and they'll never let you go. One held my hand super tight and I was afraid she was going to kidnap me. Hehe. Lesson learned: don't ask if you don't intend to buy.

We were supposed to meet at 12 midnight but we met earlier than that. We saw Barney and Trish plopped on the sidewalk.

We decided to go back to Yiu Fai. Toto was there already.

Last sleeping night in Hong Kong. *sigh*

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