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02 October 2011

Hong Kong, Day 5, Can't Get Enough of Shopping

I'm not really into shopping. Promise. I love window shopping but I'm not fond of buying stuff. When we were planning the trip, I just had one thing in mind. I wanted to buy a bag because my bag was kinda old already. Tuesday was supposed to be Ocean Park day. But because we didn't see much of Mong Kok the night before and because I didn't have a bag yet, my siblings proposed that we skip Ocean Park. I was okay with the plan. Rhuel agreed because he said he was outnumbered. Hehe.
We ended up at Causeway Bay again. This time we found Times Square. 

The shops were closed when we got there so we had breakfast at Mc Donald's first. I had sausage muffin with hash brown and coffee.
After breakfast, Barney and I went around the shops in Times Square. Ang mahal. Hehe. We enjoyed asking for prices of stuff we can't afford. Hehe. I found a reasonably-priced bag which I loved. Now I can go home. Hehe. 

I also got my 2012 Moleskine planner from City Super. Excited lang.
While waiting for the others, we had ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. Yum!

We skipped lunch. Rhuel and I had to leave for the airport by 3:30 p.m. (the others were taking the later flight), we decided to have lunch at the airport to make the most out of our remaining time in Hong Kong.
We headed to Mong Kok because Barney and Trish wanted to check out the other stalls. I only had one request. We had to go to Giordano because we still needed to buy some more pasalubongs. We finally found the Giordano in Mong Kok. Rhuel, Barn, and I hoarded stuff there. We had to make sure our purchases amounted to HKD1,200.00 because that will entitle us to a HKD300.00 discount. We didn't have a hard time reaching that amount. Hehe. Rhuel got 4 polo shirts, we got 3 pasalubong polo shirts, Barney got 4 pairs of socks, I got 3 pairs of boxer shorts for pambahay, and Barney and I got 1 pair of jeans each. Yey!

We went to SaSa to get pasalubongs for Nanay, Mama, and Tita Aging. Done with shopping finally! =)
It was time to head back to Yiu Fai to pick up our stuff. After repacking our things, Rhuel and I had to leave for the airport. We took the MTR to Central then the Airport Express to the airport.
As soon as we got off the Airport Express, we saw the MTR info center. We returned our Airport Express card to refund our HKD50.00 deposit and whatever remained in our Octopus Card. We got HKD100.00+ refund each. =)

We checked in and had lunch at Maxim's afterwards. We both had wanton noodles. They didn't have service tea. We ordered bottled waters and they served us Watson's mineral water at 5x the price, I think. Boo.

After lunch, we checked out the shops. I had to buy chocolates. We cannot not buy chocolates! We finally found a shop near our boarding gate. Panic buying for me. Hehe. Galing naman because we were able to use all of our HKD for the chocolates. We even got a free bag.
Then it was boarding and bye-bye time. =( 

Hong Kong will always be a memorable place because I spent my 18th birthday there. My family and I had happy memories there. I will always remember it with fondness. It's more special now because I had the chance to visit it with my husband. I love how fast everyone moves in that place. Even their escalators are super fast, you'd fall off if you're not alert. I'm amazed at how efficient their public transpo system is. Of course, there's no place like home. And between Hong Kong and Singapore, I still believe the latter is a better place to settle down. But Hong Kong is still lovely and I won't mind going back there again. =)

Here's hoping that Rhuel and I can pull off that travel dream ala Patty Laurel. Hihi. ;-)

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